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Pros and Cons of Masticating Juicers vs Blenders

You may wonder if you should juice or blend. You may want to raise your veggie and fruit intake in the form of a drink. However, which one is better between a juice and a smoothie? The fact is that they are all healthy options.

However, they still have a few cons. Keep reading this article, we will give you some advantages and disadvantages of each type you need to know before you dive in.

Pros of Masticating Juicers

Easily and Quickly Digested

Juicing will strip the vegetables and fruits away. Then, it will leave the water as well as the nutrient content of the fruit. The fiber slows the nutrient absorption rate because fiber slows down digestion.

You can get vitamin and mineral content efficiently from fresh juices.

Juicers Allow you to Hide Vegetables in Fruit Juices

This is a simple method to add more veggies to your diet. You can get a sweet drink, thanks to combining apples, as well as others with kale, spinach, carrots, or cucumber. Therefore, you can get health benefits.

Pack Lots of Veggies and Fruits into a Single Juice

The masticating juicers you use will remove the fiber. Therefore, you will need one or two pounds of produce for a single glass of juice. It means you can get a lot of space to mix-and-match veggies and fruits to improve nutrient intake.

Cons of Masticating Juicers

The Time Required

You will need to take the time to clean the juicer. Therefore, you should find a dishwasher-safe juicer.

A Poor Meal Replacement

The fact is that juices are just water, nutrients, and sugar, so you will not be full. If you want to drink juice in the morning, you may feel hungry.

Pros of Blenders

Relatively Cheap

You can get a blender with a cost of less than $50. More importantly, you need to check if your friends have an extra.

No Waste

If you concern about the waste when you’re using a juicer, you can consider a blender as an excellent alternative. It is more comfortable.

Slow Release Energy

It can help to slow-release energy. Therefore, you have not to worry about sugar highs and lows. It allows you to feel full for a long time after you drink it.

Aids Digestion

The fiber acts like a broom sweeping it clean. Therefore, it can eliminate toxins. At the same time, it also will encourage regular elimination.

Cons of Blenders

Calorie Overload

Although we cannot get a lot of calories from most vegetables and fruits, the calorie content may increase quickly when you add peanut butter, Greek yogurt, oats, avocado, and vanilla soy milk to your smoothie.

Sugar Overload

Whipping up a smoothie can easily be accompanied by calorie overload as well as sugar overload. Therefore, it is always essential to check the content of sugar in the ingredients you want to add.


Well, both juicers and blenders require cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, you need to take the time to clean them after each use. A juicer is necessary for you if you are willing to extract juice from produce. A blender is more suitable when you want to make a smoothie.

It is not fair to make a comparison to decide which one is better. It is up to your personal needs.

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